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Versatile & Stylish wearable items for men

The only way a minimal wardrobe can be a complete wardrobe is by having a lot of versatile wearable items in it. Certain fundamental elements of a man’s attire are so versatile yet so stylish in any era. Take, for example, a white shirt. It is one of the top things you’d find on almost every blog on men’s must-have clothing items. So let us explore the various such contemporary items that can make you look good on many occasions.

Let’s start our way from the top and work the way down.

Sports Jacket/ Casual Blazer: This is one of the contemporary clothing essential in the times of smart casual and semi-formal. A blazer is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing as it can be rocked with casual and formal outfits with equal grace. A casual blazer in a shade of blue ranging from navy blue to royal blue can go with a number of different outfits. Pair it with jeans, chinos, casual trousers, shirt, t-shirt, leather derby shoes or sneakers; it adds a touch of suave to any outfit combination of these items. Other versatile color options are gray, mélange gray, sky blue and black.

Solid Shirts- A white solid shit and a black one are wardrobe essentials that go with just about anything. From wearing it with your business suit to wearing it with a pair of shorts for casual outings, you can do a lot with a white shirt. A good quality cotton shirt can last you for ages. Other timeless colors include gray, shades of blue, beige, pastel pink, etc. A classic look is a white shirt with dark jeans and brown leather shoes. For a peppy look, you can go for printed shirts. They add a peppy touch to your outfit. You can choose from a wide range of solid and printed shirts from Amedeo Exclusive here.

Dark Denims - A dark pair of jeans is another stylish item that is very versatile. As stated earlier, it can be rocked with a sports jacket, a shirt and any kind of T-shirt. Darker shades of denim are more versatile as they go with light and dark shades alike. Light blue jeans are way too common. You want to steer clear of them unless you're working on a farm.

Solid T-shirts –If you want to look elegant and suave, always choose solid T-shirts over printed ones. While prints look great on shirts for men, T-shirts with prints are best left for school and college kids. If you want more variety than plain old solids, go for textured or self-design T-shirts. Crew neck, Polos, Henleys are great options for T-shirts that can be worn in many settings with great comfort.

Leather Derby Shoes - A good pair of leather Derby shoes is a very stylish item of footwear. There are formal as well as casual options available in them. However, you can even wear a formal pair of Derby's with casual attire. For a more formal look, go for Oxfords. These are timeless classics and lend you a sharp, sleek look. We suggest these great Derby shoes by Amedeo Exclusive here.

Accessories – Accessories add more character to your outfit. Socks with funky prints look amazing with any outfit. Additionally, there are trendy options in otherwise boring accessories like cufflinks, scarves and even ties. To buy such book accessories, click here.


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