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8 Myths of Men’s Style

There are essential rules of styling that help you dress appropriately for any occasion. But then there are the so-called menswear rules that have been passed on for ages and may have been true at some point in history, but they are no more than myths now. It gives you a sense of pleasure to know that some of the rules you’d been following are mere myths. So let’s break free from the 8 most common myths of men’s style so you can dress with more freedom.

  1. Pinks/Floral are not for men

This is a sexist myth that has kept men from wearing so many fabulous looking shades of pink. You can choose shirts or sweatshirts in shades of dark pink, salmon or pastel pink and pair it with dark gray trousers. Similarly, the 21st century has proven that floral prints can be carried by men with as much suave as women.

  1. No denim on denim

That one sounds ridiculous! Have you seen Brad Pitt in double denim? You can pull off denim on denim if the hue, wash, and the color is mixed well between the two denim pieces. Contrast a lighter shade of denim with a dark one by keeping the darker shade of denim on the bottom instead of the top.

  1. All black is boring

Unless you’re wearing all black every day, it is not boring. Black makes your frame appear taller and slimmer. If you mix and match dark neutrals in a good way, you’d end up looking dashing. Just keep mixing up your materials and keep it fresh.

  1. Match your socks with your pants

While it is advisable to do so while dressing up in business formals, it is not a strict rule. In fact, it is quite an in trend now to wear socks of different funky colors and patterns. Even Justin Trudeau does that. There are options ranging from argyle, prints and polka dots to choose from. Check out our quirky range of socks here.

  1. Button-down collars are too informal to wear with a suit and tie

Button-down collars are not informal. You can wear them if button-down collars are comfortable and suitable for you. If you think you look amazing in a button-down shirt with a suit, then, by all means, go for it.

  1. A tie is compulsory for formal wear

That one is an archaic rule. The rules of fashion have changed dramatically with time. You can wear your formals properly without a tie and still look great.

  1. You can’t wear boots with a suit and tie

Wrong! As long as you’re wearing a pair of leather Chukka boots or Chelsea boot with a suit, you’re fine. Just don’t wear the other, more casual kind of boots with your suit.

  1. Slim fit is the only smart fit

Although the slim fit is the most popular one right now, that doesn’t mean it is THE fit for everybody. You can choose other fits depending on your body and comfort. For example, tapered fit trousers are very famous due to their comfort as well as appeal.

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