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We Share Stories Through Fashion

Amedeo Exclusive specializes in manufacturing high quality garments and accessories. At Amedeo we are proud of our amazing passion for luxury and self-expression. Everyone has a unique story and we can help them express it with clothes of superior quality, expert craftsman-ship unmatched design and unprecedented attention to detail. Our core brand range encompasses men's fashion apparel, business apparel, sportswear, accessories and glamorous styles for special events.


We have an excellent selection of Shirts made with superior craftsmanship, quality and taste. The collection includes formal wear and business tags crafted from luxurious materials including silk, cashmere, and expertly milled cotton. These shirts are guaranteed to impress and command attention for men of elegance, class and courtesy. All our clothing are made in Turkey. Many of our unique Shirts come with reversible cuffs and can be worn on either side. They are fitted to the body, but not skin tight, they drape properly over the shoulder and under the arms allowing for flow and freedom of movement. All Shirts are 100% premium-spun cotton.


Amedeo Exclusive offers a full range of Accessories for the fashionable men. We have all the new trends of Pocket squares, cufflinks, Tie clips, suspenders, belts and many more. Bowties and pocket squares of Italian silk accent formal costumes with old-school class, as accessories such as bronze business card holders cherry top business outfits with an extra note of sophistication.

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