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How to Wear the Cocktail Dress Attire Code for Men

Cocktail attire is often the go-to dress code for most social events like cocktail parties, weddings, anniversaries, formal birthday parties or sporting events like the races. Even when there is no particular dress code mentioned for such events, cocktail attire is the safest bet to choose. But what exactly consists of cocktail dress attire? Let’s find out.

The best thing about cocktail dress attire is that you can use the clothing items from your business attire and with a few changes, you’re good to go. Moreover, there is room for a little fun with colors here and there, as you don’t need to be as formal as with business wear. Let us see how to wear the cocktail dress attire code for men.

Put on a Suit/Blazer

For cocktail attire, you have the leeway to choose from either a suit or a blazer with contrast trousers. Depending on how formal the event is, you need to decide your outfit. The more patterns and contrast you include in your outfit, the less formal it gets. Go for a tailored suit, if possible. Anyway, the jacket or blazer should be well fitted. Dark shades are always acceptable when it comes to evening cocktail events; so keep it classic with shades of gray and navy. If it’s a daytime event, you should go with lighter shades like mélange gray or subdued cobalt.

Choose the Right Shirt

Going for a cocktail event generally implies you should go with the classic white or sky blue dress shirt. But here, you can also mix it up by pairing different colors of shirts. However, the color of your shirt should be in harmony with your blazer. If you’re sporting a solid blazer, you can even go for patterned shirts like subtle stripes, checks, and prints. This reversible cuff striped shirt would be a great choice with a solid blazer.

Choosing your shoes

As a rule of thumb, a pair of black or brown leather Oxford shoes are the ideal choice for cocktail attire and business formals alike. However, you can try Brogues, Derbys or Monkstrap shoes for cocktail attire too; go for shoes with more intricate stitching, a decorative tassel, or a wing-tip brogue. This great quality pair of Brogues by Amedeo Exclusive can amp up your cocktail outfit; it is available in various colors.

Take it a notch higher with accessories

This is the most fun part of cocktail attire. This is where it differs from business wear and you can experiment with different colors and designs. Match the color of your belt with that of your shoes. Although a leather belt is a classic, a suede leather belt is also a great choice for cocktail attire. Here is a belt we recommend for a timeless yet fashionable look. Play with pocket squares, cufflinks of your choice, neckties and bow ties. Jacquard neckties like these are an amazing choice for cocktail attire. Choose from our wide variety of accessories to perfect your cocktail look.

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