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Dashing Formal Outfit Ideas for Men

People often complain that formal wear is boring and monotonous. The general opinion s you can’t be creative with formal wear and dress according to your personal style; that you have to stick with the rules and dress in a very particular way. This is why many people avoid wearing formals. But that is not entirely true. With the moving times, fashion has evolved. Even formal wear has come to consist of various dress codes like business formals, smart casuals, semi-formals, etc. You can actually play with styles and dress according to your personal style, while also sticking to the required dress code. In this article, we will discuss dashing formal outfit ideas for men.

Play with accessories

Accessories play an important part in formal wear when it comes to adding a dash of your own style to your clothing. Try different combinations of lapel pins, cufflinks, dress scarves, wool scarves, tie clips, socks, suspenders and even handkerchiefs. Wear your accessories to reflect your style statement. Outfit idea: Pair a checkered dress scarf with a dark solid suit and it looks dashing. There is a plethora of these savvy and creative accessories available at Amedeo Exclusive. Check them out here.

Play with shoes

The classic shoe to go with almost any kind of formal attire is Oxford shoes. But you don’t always have to stick to that. Try out different types of shoes with your formal outfit like derby, brogues, boots (Chelsea boots, Chukka boots), etc. Outfit idea: Pair leather Chelsea boots with cropped cotton trousers and a pastel color shirt for a smart casual setting.

Play with printed/patterned shirts

Printed and patterned formal shirts are doing the rounds these days. They stand out in your outfit, if worn right; especially for smart casual outings. You don’t always have to wear that solid white or blue shirt. You can be a little bold and rock a patterned shirt with double cuff. Make sure to pair it well with your trousers though. Outfit idea: Pair a dark color reversible French cuff shirt with a pair of beige or light gray trousers and derby shoes, and let people tell you that you look dashing. You can shop from a cool range of reversible French cuff printed shirts by Amedeo Exclusive, here.

Play with Cropped pants & moccasins

Cropped pants have been in trend for some time but you have to make sure to wear them right. The ideal length should be half an inch above your ankles. They look the best with the bit or penny loafers as these are moccasin-inspired. Outfit idea: Go for a pair of checkered gray cropped trousers with a solid white shirt and brown leather moccasins.

Play with patterned suits

Instead of always going for the conventional solid suits, go for patterned or textured suits. They look great with solid shirts and also add more character to your outfit. Outfit idea: Go for a dark gray patterned three piece suit with a pastel color shirt.

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