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Shirts for Men Who Always Step Out In Style

There is something about a well-dressed man. They aura of confidence and charm that he exudes is captivating in a way. Talking about well-dressed, the shirt is one of the most widely used clothing items for men. However, we’ve seen many men complaining of the same old boring shirts. They want something new, something different. Hence, we’ve compiled a list of shirts for men who always step out in style.

  1. Short sleeve button down shirt

A short sleeve shirt has its own charm. It is a summer staple that accentuates a man’s biceps while also providing utmost comfort level. A short sleeve shirt with the right fit looks sharp and stylish. You can wear one with chino trousers, a pair of shorts, or a pair of dark denims. It works well with all of these, depending on the occasion you’re wearing it for. Check out this range of short sleeve shirts by Amedeo Exclusive.

  1. Printed shirt

Printed shirts for men are all the hype these days. Bored of solids and checks, men are increasingly turning to the exciting world of shirts with prints. There are some for everybody from subtle prints to some bold and funky prints. A well dressed man knows how to make heads turn in a party by rocking a great shirt with print. This floral print button up shirt looks great for a tropical vibe.

  1. Mandarin collar shirt

Another addition to our list is the Mandarin or Chinese collar shirt. For a casual outing, a Mandarin shirt gives off the cool and trendy kind of vibe. It is a unique twist to your regular shirt and attracts attraction. Mandarin shirts look their best either in solid or textured. A solid linen Mandarin shirt worn with a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers makes for the ultimate casual look.

  1. Denim shirt

The denim shirt can never go out of style. It has been in fashion for a long time now, and it is here to stay. The unmatched ruggedness of a denim shirt is perfect for a fun summer look. There are various styles in denim shirts like solids, faded, ripped, etc. Pair a blue denim shirt with a pair of darker shade jeans. For a more unique look, go for colors like black, olive green and khaki. Complete the look with a pair of desert boots and you’re ready to go.

  1. Reversible cuff shirt

An avant-garde style of shirts is the reversible cuff shirt. A reversible cuff shirt features a different color/print/pattern on the inside of the cuff than the rest of the shirt. This gives you the option of changing your cuff depending on the occasion. It is like having two shirts in one. Reversible cuffs are for those who like a bit of flair and flamboyance in their style.

One should always experiment with new styles of clothing. Whether it’s a short sleeve button down shirt or a reversible cuff shirt, it’s great to spice things up.

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