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The Ways to Accessorize One's Cuff

It is common knowledge that men have fewer clothing items and accessories than women do. While there’s a plethora of various accessories for women, men are often seen struggling to find good ways to accessorize themselves. Even when there are a few accessories for men, they are mostly casual wear accessories. There are hardly any good accessories to be worn with formal wear. Fret now, as we will tell you about the ultimate formal accessory for men – cufflinks.

Cufflinks are one of the easiest ways to add some element to your whole look while at the same time, elevating your style to the next level. A good pair of square cufflinks with box can keep you covered for most kinds of occasions. However, there are different cufflinks for different kinds of settings. Let us find out how to choose your cufflinks for the right occasion.

How to choose your cufflinks?

Not only are cufflinks a classy way to fasten your shirt cuffs, they are also a tool to express your personality. A good example is this pair of hammer cufflinks for someone who’s in the judiciary system. Another great example is this pair of Golf cufflinks for those who love to spend their weekends at a golf course. Cufflinks add a kind of sheen to your arms and also to your whole outfit. It is one of the few objects with which you can add a tinge of color and shine to your otherwise neutral colored, drab outfit. You can choose from a multitude of designs and colors based on the formality level of the setting.

  • For a black tie or white tie event, you would want to go with the traditional and formal ones. A pair of classic solid round cufflinks or a pair of rectangle Onyx cufflinks would be the suitable choices for such an event.
  • For business formal events, you have a wider choice of options as you don’t have to stick with the most formal ones. However, make sure to not be too loud with your choice of cufflinks for business formal attire.
  • For all other kinds of occasions, you can choose any design, color and type of cufflinks that you like.

How to care for your cufflinks?

The first and foremost thing when it comes to jewelry care is that you want to prevent tarnishing and dust accumulation. The best way to do this is to wear your cufflinks regularly. The second way to maintain your cufflinks is to store them properly. Keep your cufflinks in a box and then store the box in your drawer or wardrobe. Good cufflinks come with a box or a case, so you can use the same box for storing them. For example, take this pair of classic square cufflinks with box.  These cases are designed for cufflinks and will prevent oxidation, tarnishing, and damage from excessive heat, thus ensuring your favorite accessory stays in peak condition.

 Thus, cufflinks are the ultimate way of accessorizing one’s cuff for a man. Wear them with style and impress your folks.

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