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Clothing – the First Step to a Luxurious Lifestyle

Amedeo is a premium clothing brand that makes fashion wear for the men who appreciate the finer things of life. Amedeo was recently featured in the Porsche annual magazine. Porsche, the luxury automobile brand, stands as an emblem of luxurious lifestyle and an unparalleled design. Amedeo, true to its brand image of luxury and self-expression, provides men’s fashion apparel, business apparel, and glamorous styles for special events.

A luxurious lifestyle consists of all things fine – especially clothing. Men who like to live a luxurious lifestyle are quite particular about their brands and what they wear. Meanwhile, there are men who like to lead a luxury lifestyle but do not know how to dress for that. There are certain clothing items that give the impression of a luxury brand while others look quite modest. So we’ve rounded up a list of things you can wear that look quite luxurious and expensive.

A French cuff shirt with cufflinks

When it comes to clothing items that give the impression of luxury, cufflinks lead the pack. A pair of lustrous pair of stainless steel cufflinks might not be very expensive, but it certainly looks like it. There are luxury cufflinks made of silver, gold or precious stones available in the market. But sporting any good pair of cufflinks on your French cuff certainly lends a luxury look to your outfit. A good example is this pair of blue stone cufflinks by Amedeo Exclusive. Additionally, a good quality cotton shirt with French cuffs is in itself a fine piece of clothing for men to wear. Check out this reversible French cuff shirt that can make you stand out.

Leather shoes/belts

Genuine leather is considered to be one of the luxury materials by many, when it comes to shoes and accessories. It is also a very versatile material for fashion accessories. When you step out with a pair of well-made genuine leather shoes along with a good belt, it exudes an aura of elegance. It’s not necessary to wear an outrageously expensive brand for it to feel luxurious. The only condition is to wear good-quality shoes or belts. Look at this pair of Oxford leather shoes and see for yourself.


Blazers or jackets can be worn with formal attire, smart casual attire and casual attire as well. A good casual option is the sports jacket. A blazer made of fine fabric is one of the most luxurious clothing items you can wear. There are blazers made of wool, cashmere, silk, linen and velvet. When you want to get a suit, get it tailor made for you. That will give the perfect fit and a luxurious appeal to your suit.


There are certain accessories that, if worn right, add to the luxurious appeal of your outfit. One such accessory for men is the scarf. You can wear dress scarves with formal attire and regular scarves for casual wear. Adding a fine wool scarf to your outfit adds a sense of luxury. Consider this check wool scarf.

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