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The 7 Best Types of Cufflinks for Men

Men who love cufflinks are not satisfied by just one pair of cufflinks or one type of cufflinks; they want more. And you can’t blame them. The cufflink is such an accessory which comes in so many varieties that it spoils a man for choice. While cufflink enthusiasts know their cufflinks and what kinds they like; for someone who’s just dabbled in the world of cufflinks, the choice may not be that easy. You might get confused between so many options – whether to buy stainless steel cufflinks with box or go with knotted cufflinks. So we’ve rounded up a list of the 7 best types of cufflinks for men.

  1. Bullet Back

Arguably the most common kind of cufflinks, these cufflinks are incredibly easy to use. The ‘bullet’ is a small cylinder that’s set between two short bars that are attached to the cufflink’s face. You have to flip the bullet to 180 degrees to place it through the shirt cuff, and then back to 90 degrees to fasten it. Check out this pair of bullet backs with a guitar head.

  1. Whale Back

Whale back cufflinks are almost identical to bullet backs in terms of functionality. The difference is that the bullet is replaced with a “whale tail” that flips completely flat against the post. They have a flat head and straight post. They are also called as Whale Tail Cufflink or Swivel Cufflink.

  1. Chain Link

As the name suggests, the two ends of this cufflink are connected by a chain. This link allows for a looser cuff according to preference and can be fastened with ease. You just need to insert one end through each part of the cuff. The other end acts as a fastener.

  1. Fixed Back

These are double sided cufflinks that typically have a large end and a small end. Both of these are visible on the outside and inside of your cuff, respectively. They are a little tricky to wear, but they are quite durable when compared to other styles of cufflinks. The benefit with this style is that “dresses” both sides of the cuff as opposed to only the outside. A variant of fixed back cufflinks is the ball return, which have a have a curved post with a small, heavy ball opposite the decorative head.

  1. Locking

These cufflinks have a closure similar to that of bracelet wristwatches that use a hinge mechanism. These cufflinks are inserted in, folded and they are locked. This is a relatively new cufflink design.

  1. Stud & Button

Cufflinks with studs are essentially reserved for black tie and white tie occasions. Button cufflinks are made of two buttons connected either by thread or by metal. Button cufflinks are a more casual kind of cufflinks.

  1. Knotted

Knotted cufflinks are the only kinds of cufflinks not made from metal. Usually made of silk, they have a short cord connecting the two heads. Silk knots are an excellent choice for informal occasions. They are less expensive than a pair of stainless steel cufflinks with box.

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