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How to Choose Your Custom Dress Shirt Cuff Style and Design

Like collars, cuffs are essential for every shirt. They speak volumes regarding your selected style of dress. The cuff style you select will play a pivotal role in describing the formality level of the whole outfit. Hence, you should know more about dress shirt cuffs to master your wardrobe. But how will you select the right model? First, you need to decide between barrel cuffs with buttons or French cuff men’s formal shirts.

The options depend on your style and the context. So, read this blog for selecting the right custom dress shirt cuff style and design for the right occasion.

Choosing Your Custom Dress Shirt Cuff Style and Design

While customizing a dress shirt, you need to ponder different cuff options. Here is a breakdown of the choices you can make:

  1. French Cuff vs. Barrel Cuff

First, decide whether you want to choose a French cuff or Barrel Cuff. You will require cuff knots or cuff links for closing your French cuffs, while Barrel Cuffs have simple closures of buttons. French cuffs are more formal and the natural option if you are purchasing a wedding shirt or a tuxedo shirt. Some men prefer French cuffs, whereas others like Barrel Cuffs. French cuffs are more work and more of a statement, while Barrel Cuffs are more subtle and common.

  1. Standard One Button vs. Long One Button

You can either choose a standard one-button barrel cuff or a long one button French cuff. The long one button cuff is highly balanced and is particularly recommended for men with longer arms. However, it looks amazing on all and comes in both soft and fused versions. A man can put it on any shirt he would wear with a standard one-button cuff.

  1. Two Buttons vs. One Button

In case you need a barrel cuff, the next option is if you would prefer a two-button or a one-button cuff. One-button cuffs are shorter in length and more subtle than their two-button counterparts. Men who want a little more formal appearance must ponder the two-button, longer cuffs.

  1. Soft Construction vs. Fused Construction

The same as plackets and collars, men can get their cuffs in a soft, unfused, or crisp, fused construction. You are recommended to keep construction stable with placket and collar - if you get a fused collar, receive a fused cuff. Fused is a better option for a shirt to be used in business contexts, whereas soft construction is perfect for casual wear.

  1. Straight vs. Mitered vs. Rounded Cuffs

The straight edge cuff is a less common barrel cuff design but goes amazingly on a casual shirt. Rounded cuffs are the most subtle and common, while mitered are more formal and elegant.

Final Words

Stick to the rule of consistency and style if you do not want to make mistakes while choosing your custom dress shirt cuff style and design. Now you can customize your French cuff men’s formal shirt or barrel cuff shirt according to your style.

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