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How to Rock a Short Sleeve Dress Shirt

In the last few years, the short sleeve shirt has undergone a drastic change in the way it is seen. Earlier, it was thought of as a scruffy, loose piece of clothing that only dads wear. But that’s not the case anymore. A short-sleeve shirt worn the right way can give you the ultimate summer look. You can sport a short sleeve shirt in different ways, depending on the occasion. So, we will tell you how you can rock a short sleeve dress shirt to achieve different looks for the summer.

The Formal Look

A short sleeve shirt can be worn to the workplace as it’s widely accepted as a business-casual clothing item. Wear a fitted solid short sleeve dress shirt with a pair of formal trousers and Oxford shoes to achieve the perfect office look. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before you wearing a shirt with short sleeves at work. Firstly, you need to tuck your shirt in for a business/formal setting. So your shirt should be long enough to be tucked in your trousers, and not come out when you stretch or sit. Secondly, you should wear a well-fitted shirt to work. For a sleek silhouette and a smart look, go for a slim fit shirt. Lastly, it is not advisable to wear a suit with a short sleeve shirt as the arms look weird. As a jacket requires part of the cuff to show, it is a good idea to ditch the suit while wearing a short sleeve shirt.

The Casual Look

A short sleeve shirt can get you the perfect casual vibe for the summer. It can be worn with casual trousers, jeans and even cargo pants. You can wear bold patterns and colours when it comes to wearing a short sleeve shirt for a casual look. Firstly, make sure you don’t wear baggy shirts too avoid looking like granddads around the world. To get the right fit, ensure that the shirt’s shoulder seam hits squarely on the edge of your shoulder. For the arm, make sure that it fits close to your arm with just enough room to help you move. Secondly, don’t do up all the buttons on your shirt when going for a casual look. For a cool, laid-back look, keep the top two buttons open.

The Holiday Look

The short sleeve shirt with a pair of shorts is a popular look. This is easy to pull off and is perfect for summer. Go for a pair of mid-length shorts, preferably cotton or chinos. Complete the look with a pair of white sneakers and sunglasses. You can go with a patterned shirt, a striped/checked shirt or even a solid one. For the perfect holiday look, pair this floral print shirt with a pair of black/navy shorts and white trainers.

Short sleeve dress shirts can be rocked in various ways to get different looks. Once you start wearing a short sleeve shirt during summers, it’s almost addictive.

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