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4 Ways to Wear a French Cuff Shirt

French cuff shirts or double cuff shirts are a dressier and stylish kind of dress shirts. For those who don’t know what a French cuff is, the term refers to a cuff that, instead of simply ending at your wrist, extends to twice the length of the cuff itself, and is then folded back. Instead of being fastened with a button and button-hole, there are buttonholes on both sides of the cuff, going through both layers. So there are four buttonholes on each cuff, instead of two buttonholes like in a barrel cuff. In this article, we will discuss few ways to wear a French cuff shirt.

Black Tie

The French cuff shirt is an integral part of the black tie attire (the one in which a tuxedo is worn). In fact, black tie events were one of the only times a man would wear French cuffs. Even now, French cuffs aren’t suggested for a tux, they are obligatory. For a black tie event, a white cotton French cuff dress shirt is the appropriate choice. For cufflinks, go for something minimal with a formal look. A pair of elegant stainless steel cufflinks like these would be the ideal choice for a black tie event.

Business Attire

Another way to wear a French cuff shirt is with business formal attire. If you work in a business professional office and have to wear a suit five days a week, you can wear French cuffs on every one of those days. A French cuff shirt exudes a certain sense of style from the man wearing it. It emphasizes the fact that this is a man who pays attention to the small details; that creates a statement that you mean business. Again, the ideal choice of cufflinks would be a minimal pair of them for business attire as well. But in this case, you have a little more freedom to express your style through your cufflinks. You can go with subtle yet quirky designs like these. There are cufflinks in various designs that can reflect your personality. You can choose from an enormous variety of them depicting various interests like football, airplanes, fishing, and the list is endless.


While it’s not necessary to wear a French cuff shirt at a wedding, it is a great way to add a tinge of style to an otherwise drab or boring suit. With a stylish French cuff shirt and a pair of funky cufflinks, you can add some personality and dressiness to your ensemble.

Smart Casual

While some traditional stylists are against the idea of wearing a French cuff shirt in any kind of casual attire, cufflinks with smart casual is a great way to dress up your outfit a notch.  French cuff shirts are made nowadays in more casual versions with bright colors and bold patterns. These pair wonderfully with dress trouser and sport coats.

These are the few ways to wear a French cuff shirt. French cuff shirts make a man look nattier, no matter the attire. So go and adorn your wardrobe with a few French cuff shirts, if you haven’t already.

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