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5 Common Mistakes in Wearing Men's Belts

You’ll often find men who are otherwise well-dressed but err in wearing their belt wrong – a very powerful accessory in a man’s wardrobe. A belt can elevate the look of your outfit or it can ruin your whole outfit. That is why a man needs to know how to wear his belt right. So let’s find out the how to wear genuine leather belt for men and the 5 common mistakes men commit while wearing them.

Belt color doesn’t match shoe color

While this is an obvious one, this is also the most common mistake men make while wearing a belt. And when it comes to formal attire, this is a big no-no. You can’t show up at your workplace with a black belt and brown leather shoes on. Not only should you match the color of your belt and shoes, you should also match the material of your belt and shoes. That means you should pair leather with leather, suede with suede and canvas with canvas.

Wrong belt for the outfit

Another common mistake men make is to wear wide belts with formal attire. The right way is to wear a narrow belt (around 3.4 cm) with formal attire like dress trousers, chino trousers and dark denims. On the other hand, wider belts (around 3.9 cm) should only be reserved for casual wear like denims, cargo pants and shorts. Moreover, belts worn with formal attire should have a small, minimal buckle and not a large one.

Putting on worn out belts

Worn out belts not only look sloppy, they make your whole outfit look bad. Men sometimes ignore things such as the inner and outer halves of the belt coming apart, buckles with scratches that have lost their finish and torn out edges. It is important to invest in a good quality belt that will last long. Genuine leather belts for men are better than faux leather ones as they are durable.  Stitched belts have a longer lifetime as compared to the ones where the inner lining is glued to the outside. As for the buckle, stainless steel is the best choice as it lustrous and resistant to wear.

Wearing a belt of the wrong size

Wearing a belt that’s either too long or too short is another mistake men make. Your belt should neither be so long that there’s a loose hanging tail nor should it be so short that it’s difficult to put the belt through the first loop. A general rule of thumb is that your belt should go under the first belt loop after the buckle and should go under the second belt loop.

Metals of accessories not matching

Men often mismatch the color of metal in their accessories. The metal of your belt should be matching with that of your other accessories. If you’re wearing a silver metal watch, your belt buckle should also be silver.

Avoid these 5 mistakes while wearing men’s belt and invest in good quality genuine leather belts for men. They last long and are the most classic belts for men.

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