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A Guide to Buying Short Sleeve Dress Shirts Online

Short sleeve shirts are the ultimate saving grace for men’s summer wardrobes. While there is a lot of debate on whether short sleeve dress shirts are a good choice or not, it all comes down to personal preference. We feel that in hotter weather, a short sleeve shirt can do wonders to your outfit if it’s worn the right way. Not only is it more comfortable, a short sleeve shirt can look quite dapper. So let us go through a guide to buying short sleeve dress shirts online.

Shopping online is a big trend due to its obvious benefits. Moreover, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is becoming more popular than ever. According to experts, shopping online is the better way to shop even in the future because social distancing will become a norm for at least two years. Buying dress shirts online is not as easy as buying a t-shirt. A dress shirt needs to be the right fit, right fabric and right length. So what are the things you should keep in mind while shopping for short sleeve dress shirts? Let’s find out.

The Right Shirt Length

When you’re looking for a short sleeve shirt online, make sure to check the length of the shirt. The right length depends on whether you’re planning to wear your shirt tucked in or untucked. If you want to wear it untucked, the length of the front of your shirt should not go past your mid-fly. On the other hand, for a tucked in look, a longer length shirt would do fine. However, if your shirt just falls till your mid-fly, you can wear it both tucked in and untucked.

The Right Sleeve Length

This is a very important factor to look out for in short sleeve shirts. You don’t want your arms to have a boxy look with sleeves that seem to be falling off them. You also don’t want to wear a shirt with sleeves that are choking your arms. The proper short sleeve length is to your mid-bicep point. Ideally, you’d know you have a perfect sleeve when you are able to fit a finger between it and your arm.

 The Right Fit

The fit of your short sleeve shirt is the one aspect that can either make you look suave or like a school-going student. Unless you’re going for a Hawaiian shirt, we don’t vouch for a loose, fuller cut. A slim fit or a tailored fit always works as it tends to flow better through the arms. However, if you have a large torso, you can go for a regular fit. It is advisable to go through the size chart on the website and match it with your measurements.


You can rock a well-fitted short sleeve shirt in hot weather with chino trousers. Moreover, you can also put on a jacket over it for a more formal look. Keep these tips in mind while shopping for short sleeve dress shirts online and you can be assured to make a good purchase.

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