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Reversible Cuff Button-Down Shirt – A Cool Twist to Men’s Shirt

Let us begin by understanding what a button down shirt is. Button-down shirts have an extra pair of buttons on the sides of the collars so you can fasten the collar and keep it in place. On the other hand, a button-up shirt doesn’t necessarily have those extra buttons. All button-down shirts are button-up shirts too, but all button-up shirts aren’t button up shirts. In this article, we will talk about reversible cuff button-down shirts.

Button-Down Shirts – A Brief History

Button-down shirts were originally worn by Polo players in 19th century England. They were invented because polo players found their collars to be annoying as they would flap in their faces while riding. This was a hindrance in the game and hence, the two buttons to fasten down the collars were introduced. Since then, they went on to becoming more and more popular until they became a fashion trend for everyone.

Reversible French Cuff Shirts – An Overview

You probably already know what French cuff shirts are. French cuff or double cuff shirts have with foldable cuffs with holes for cufflinks. They have extra length that is folded back and fastened with cufflinks. A cufflink fastens a shirt by sliding through holes on either side of the cuff opening; and swinging into a locked or fixed position to hold the sides together. A stylish twist was added to casual French cuff shirts when with the reversible cuff.  The cuff of a reversible French cuff shirt can be reversed in order to generate a different look for the attire. Usually the other side of the cuff has a different color or a print. That means with investing in one shirt, you are going to get two designs that you can change when you want. So you can wear the reversible cuff shirt on any preferred side. This will generate a different look for the shirt every time you wear it. Not only the cuffs, even the piping of the shirt contrasts the pattern of the main material.

 How Do You Wear Reversible Cuff Shirts

Reversible cuffs are a big trend with people who don’t like to wear the same drab clothes all the time. It adds a bit of eccentricity to your shirt; it lends your outfit more character. These shirts were made more popular by the character of Cameron from the sitcom Modern Family.

Reversible cuff shirts are versatile in the sense you can wear them to different kind of occasions and settings. During the day, you could button up the collar and cuffs and go about your work incognito until the evening comes when you roll up the sleeves and take off your cufflinks after work, revealing your panache with great suave. You can wear these to work, to a party, to a date or to a casual outing with the boys.

 In conclusion, reversible cuff button-down shirt is a great twist to your otherwise boring shirts. Wear them with a pair of cufflinks for work or without cufflinks for a casual outing; you end up styling up your outfit a notch.

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