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Cool Belt Buckles For Men's

In Belts

A cool buckle belt is a staple accessory for any man's wardrobe. It can make an otherwise uninspired outfit look awesome or be the perfect finishing touch for special occasions. The best part about cool buckles? They aren't just for men - anyone can wear them! Style them with jeans, kilts, or even skirts and dresses.

There are so many different styles of cool belts that you could wear with your favorite clothing - how do you choose which one will look best? We put together this guide to help answer all of your questions about modern belt buckles.

What is a belt buckle for?

Belt buckles are one of the best and only accessories for men. Their primary purpose is to hold your pants up and make you look good. Belt buckles come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials but are most commonly made of metal and attached to a leather belt strap. They are stylish items that can quickly upgrade any outfit to make a fashion statement, from work attire to casual wear.

What are belt buckles made from?

Leather buckle belt

Belt buckles belt can be made out of just about anything if you're creative enough. Most buckles belt are made with metal and are plated to achieve cool colors and finishes. Those with fancy tastes can get a belt buckle made of solid silver, brass, or copper. In our opinion, it's kind of overkill and too expensive for most people, but to each their own. It's pretty easy to make different color metal buckles at a much more affordable price.

Some buckles belt are made with aluminum, stainless steel, or non-metal material such as wood or carbon fiber. These buckles are less common but a good choice if you have a nickel allergy.

Avoid belt buckles made from plastic - it is not a durable or sustainable material.

Do you need a special belt for a belt buckle?

The short answer: maybe. Not all belt buckle designs are the same.

Our buckles belt attach fairly simply - they screw directly into a leather strap cut straight at one end. Some traditional belt buckles use snaps or rivets, but in our experience, screws feel more secure and don't make your belt bulge out from your belly as much.

Some buckles belt require a leather keep - a little leather loop made to hold the extra belt strap in place. This isn't a great look because it makes belts look floppy and unkempt. One of the unique benefits of our belt buckle design is that the extra leather tucks on the inside of the belt, giving your outfit a seamless, clean style.

Why do people wear big belt buckles?

American men's fashion is notoriously lacking. There aren't many creative options for men to express their personality and style. Sure, there are handkerchiefs, shoes, watches, or cufflinks you can accessorize with a suit, but choices are pretty limited if you have a casual style.

Leather buckle belt

Belt buckles are one of the few ways guys can make a bold statement with their clothing. Some people use big belt buckles to make a strong statement. Think - massive dinner-platter size cowboy belt buckles or rodeo western belt buckles. And sure, a big gold or silver cowboy buckle is a statement piece, but that is a tad old-fashioned. You can earn way more style points with a creative buckle with a cool function, like one of the ones we make.

Are belt buckles in fashion?

buckles belt through the ages haven't changed much - they have been in use since ancient times and have never gone out of fashion. They are an accessory with a purpose. You would be forgiven for thinking Roman buckles from 2000 years ago, like the ones above, were made recently because the designs haven't changed much. They all have the same hinged D-shaped buckle with a pin that the belt strap loops through. It is not a bad way to buckle a belt, but there is clearly room for improvement. Fashion has advanced over the years, and so should the belt buckle!


A good buckles belt is all about the details. The best buckles belt for you is made with good quality materials, in a finish color to complement the kinds of clothes you like to wear, and paired with the best leather possible. If you use a belt to hold your pants up, the buckle should be sturdy enough to hold up to the stresses of daily use without damaging your belt strap.


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