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You’ve been hanging your pants the wrong way your whole life! Seriously

Your whole life, you’ve (probably) been hanging your trousers incorrectly. No, you didn’t misread that. Chances are if you’re like most men then you’ve been hanging your dress pants the wrong way.

Do your pants consistently slide or fall off your hanger? Yes? Then you’re definitely hanging them wrong. Not sure? Shake the hanger and see if they fall off; if they do, you’re doing it wrong. Sure you could go buy a fancy hanger with grips and clips to prevent that from happening or you could just learn how to fold and hang those pants like the sartorial gent you ought to be.

Step One:

Step One to Hanging You Pant

Hold your trousers upside down and with the pant legs straddling the hanger.

Step Two:

Step Two to Hanging You Pant

Fold one leg in through the hanger, pulling the pant leg all the way down so the bottom hem sits just above the crotch of the pants.

Step Three:

Step Three to Hanging You Pant

Fold the second trouser leg over the first and through the hanger.

Step Four:

Step Four to Hanging You Pant

Now your pants should stay in place. Just give the hanger a firm shake and see.

This little folding hack is known as the ‘Savile Row fold,’ and it has been perfected over generations by the great tailors at the world renowned Saville Row in London. This old trick was mostly known just to tailors until it was brought to the public’s attention in Esquire’s Handbook of Style: A Man’s Guide to Looking Good.

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