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A Comprehensive Guide to Long Sleeve Shirts with Cufflinks

It is common knowledge that long sleeve shirts are a formal attire staple. Long sleeve shirts come in two basic types – single (or barrel) cuff and double (or French) cuff. Single cuff or barrel cuff shirts are the standard shirts with cuffs that are fastened by buttons. On the other hand, double cuff or French cuff shirts are shirts with elongated cuffs that are folded back and fastened by cufflinks. Choosing the right cufflinks for the occasion and knowing how to wear them can be tricky. So, we’ve put together this guide on long sleeve shirts with cufflinks.

When to wear shirts with cufflinks?

Double cuff shirts with cufflinks are dressier and more formal than barrel cuff shirts. There’s nothing like a good pair of cufflinks when it comes to adding polish and sophistication to an outfit. Consequently, they are a must for black tie events. But apart from that, they can also be worn for work and social settings like weddings, fundraisers and holiday parties – basically any event that requires smart or formal attire.

How to choose the right cufflinks and shirt for the occasion?

Black tie events: For black tie events, you’d want a pair of formal cufflinks that are minimalistic and elegant. A good choice will be a pair of subtle silver or gold design that appear sophisticated. Another classic choice is a black stud set (onyx) as it goes amazingly well with a tuxedo. For the shirt, the obvious choice is a classic white tuxedo shirt.

Work: For formal business setting, your choice of shirt should consist of either white or other light shades like blue, pink, beige, etc. When it comes to cufflinks, you want to look polished and suave, but not too flashy or dramatic. You can choose from bulletback, stud or a whaleback cufflink. Gold, silver, black and navy are good color options that would go with multiple shirts and suits.

Social settings: For social events like dinner parties, office parties or weddings, your choices for shirts and cufflinks get wider. In this case, you can choose from a wider range of colors and patterns including bold ones like this reversible French cuff shirt. When it comes to cufflinks, you can choose from any design like chain link, ball return, fabric cufflinks, etc. Here, you have more space to experiment with different colors and designs that depict your personality. A good example is this pair of football cufflinks.

How to match cufflinks with shirt?

When you wear a neutral color shirt, you have the freedom of wearing cufflinks in a large number of colors. When you aren’t wearing a white or black shirt, a general rule of thumb is to match the color of the cufflinks to your shirt using the same color but in a different shade. However, one simple set of gold or silver color cufflinks go well with most shirt colors.

 In conclusion, long sleeve shirt with cufflinks is a great sartorial choice for many different occasions and settings. Follow this guide and you’re good to go.

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