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How to Wear a Pocket Square

Introduction to Pocket Square

A pocket square is a decorative handkerchief that is placed in the shirt pocket of a jacket or blazer. Pocket squares comes in various forms, designs, styles, colors and patterns that allows you to express your personality, your style and complement your outfit.

Pocket Square


Choosing a Presidential Fold Pocket Square

Before learning how to wear a presidential fold pocket square, it is very essential to choose the right one for your outfit. Some of the following factors are given below:

Fabric and Pattern

Select a pocket square made of fine fabrics like silk, linen, or cotton. These materials hold their shape and create crisp folds. As for patterns, choose one that complements or contrasts with your outfit. Solid-colored pocket squares offer versatility and sophistication, while patterned ones can add visual interest and playfulness.

Coordination with Outfit

Consider the colors and overall style of your outfit when selecting a pocket square. It should harmonize with the colors of your tie, shirt, or suit. Choose complementary colors or opt for a pocket square that features a color present in your outfit. Balance patterns and textures to create a cohesive and polished look.

Basic Folds

Pocket Square

Mastering a few basic pocket square folds will allow you to create versatile looks. Here are three popular options:

Straight Fold Flower Pocket Square

Start with the flower pocket square unfolded. You can fold it vertically and horizontally. Adjust the width to fit your pocket and insert it with the folded edge visible.

One-Point Fold

Lay the pocket square flat. Fold it in half diagonally to form a triangle. Take one corner and fold it towards the opposite corner, forming a smaller triangle. Adjust the width and place it in your pocket with the single point facing upwards.

Two-Point Fold

Begin with the pocket square flat. You can fold it half diagonally to create a triangle. Fold one corner towards the center, then fold the other corner over it. Adjust the width and place it in your pocket with the two points facing upwards.

Advanced Folds

Pocket Square

Once you're comfortable with the basic folds, you can experiment with more intricate options. Here are a few advanced pocket square folds:

Puff Fold

Lay the pocket square flat and pinch the center. Allow the fabric to gather and form a puff-like shape. Adjust the width and place it in your pocket with the puff facing upwards.

Presidential Fold

The presidential fold pocket square is half horizontally and half vertically. Fold one side to the other side to make a perfect triangle. Adjust the width and insert it into your pocket with the folded edge visible.

Winged Puff Fold

Begin with the pocket square flat. Pinch the center and lift it upwards, allowing the fabric to create a puff. Fold the sides inwards to form wings. Adjust the width and place it in your pocket with the wings facing upwards.

Matching Techniques

When wearing a pocket square, coordinating it with your outfit is key. Consider the following techniques:

Complementing Colors

Choose a puff fold pocket square color that complements the overall color scheme of your outfit. You can opt for a color that matches your tie, shirt, or a subtle accent color that ties the elements together.

Coordinating Patterns

If your outfit already features a pattern, select a pocket square with a complementary pattern or a solid color that doesn't clash. For example, if your tie has a bold stripe pattern, choose a pocket square with a subtle geometric or floral pattern.

Placement in the Pocket

The way you place the pocket square in your pocket can affect the overall look. Here are three common styles:

Stuffed Style

Gently stuff the pocket square into your pocket, allowing a portion of it to extend above the pocket's edge. This style creates a relaxed and casual look.

Peak Style

Fold the pocket square in a way that a portion of it peaks out from the pocket, forming a triangular shape. This style adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Folded Style

Fold the pocket square neatly to fit the width of your pocket, keeping the edges hidden. This folded style forms a clean and polished look.


Wearing a red pocket square celebrity is a stylish way to enhance your outfit and showcase your attention to detail. By choosing the right pocket square, mastering various folds, and coordinating it with your attire, you can elevate your style and leave a lasting impression. Experiment with different techniques to find the looks that resonate with your personal taste.


Q1: Can I wear a pocket square without a tie?

A1: Absolutely! Wearing a pocket square without a tie can create a stylish and relaxed look. It adds a dash of personality to your outfit and showcases your attention to detail.

Q2: Can I wear a patterned pocket square with a patterned tie?

A2: Yes, you can wear a patterned pocket square with a patterned tie, but ensure that the patterns complement each other. Look for common colors or themes between the patterns to create a harmonious and cohesive look.

Q3: How should I fold a pocket square for a formal event?

A3: For a formal event, opt for a classic and refined fold, such as the straight fold or the presidential fold. These folds offer a clean and elegant look that suits formal occasions.

Q4: Can I wear a pocket square in a casual setting?

A4: Yes, pocket squares are not limited to formal events. You can wear them in casual settings to add a touch of style and individuality to your outfit. Experiment with different folds and materials to create a relaxed and effortless look.

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