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Essential Style Tips for Guys Who Want to Dress Better

There used to be a time when dressing well was not considered to be a highly desirable trait amongst common folk. That was a novelty left for the people in show business and magicians. But times have changed. Dressing properly is seen not only as a trait that makes a person attractive to potential romantic partners, but in other walks of their life as well. According to the Halo effect, a person with aesthetically pleasing physical attributes has a higher chance of succeeding in work, education and fields like marketing. A study found that physical attractiveness has a positive effect not only on an individual's self-confidence but also on their overall income and financial well-being. And your dress sense is a big part of that.

So boys, pull your sleeves up, as you need to style up! (And also because it looks better) Here are essential style tips for every guy who wants to dress better:

Wear your style

This is a very important approach to how you dress. You would get a lot of designers and brands offering you a million styles but chose the one that resonates with you; the kind of style that makes you feel more, you. What’s more important than fashion and the ever changing trends is your own individual style. So understand your personal style it and then go for it, whether it’s funky printed shirts or a classic checkered ones.

Get good quality clothes that ‘fit well

Fit is one of the most important things to keep in mind while shopping for clothes, and it is more than just the size of apparels. Look at how the clothes you try on make your body look. Take a friend along when shopping to help you. For a generally accepted fit, go for a trim-but-not-too-tight happy medium that's right for your body.

Staple wardrobe pieces you must have

A white T-shirt and shirt, a black shirt, a few pairs of casual trousers, a pair of shoe for every kind of occasion (sneakers, boots, sports shoes and dress shoes) and a tailored suit are some of the items you should always have in your wardrobe.

Always keep your shoes clean

Not just clean, make sure they are in a good condition. Shoes, being the highly underrated pieces in a man’s wardrobe, can make or break a man’s outfit, so take special care of them. And make sure you wear the pair that goes well with your outfit.

Invest in a good watch

Unless you hate wearing a watch, get a good looking timepiece. It doesn’t matter how expensive a watch you can afford, make sure you wear one. You might want to have separate watches for your suits and casual wear.

Match your belt with your shoes, especially if both are leather

This is a classic from the good old rulebook of styling.


Find a few good accessories for every kind of setting. Ties, belts, socks, pocket squares, suspenders and cufflinks are few of the small items that say a lot about your style.


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    Noordin Aman

    Great information! I totally agree with everything that you stated. I don’t get the normal importance if i’m on a date or business meeting with not clean shoes! Shoes I feel plays a big role. I have bought 2 pairs of shoes from Amedeo and love them! Easy to maintain and the shape stays firm for many wears so far!

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