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How to stand out in style with a Burgundy Suit, Tuxedo And Dress Shoes

How to stand out in style with a Burgundy Suit, Tuxedo, and Dress Shoes:

Although the burgundy suit has been around for a long time - it has slowly grown in popularity. This is mainly to do with the fact that “black tie” events such as the Met Gala, have slowly transformed into something where people can express themselves by wearing certain colors or accessories to stand out.Solid Burgundy Mens Short Sleeve Button Up Shirts

This has given rise the something incredible - the burgundy suit’s soaring popularity. But, the best thing about this look, is that it’s still not as popular as other colors, meaning that wearing this can help you make an instant impression at an important formal event. 

This incredible example of a burgundy double-breasted tuxedo truly is something special. With an asking price of over $10,000 - this is a truly classic piece that will last you a lifetime. One piece, one suit, that will keep you looking stylish practically for the rest of your life. The main reason it’s so expensive is that it’s made from the elusive material - Vicuna.  

What colour tie should you wear with a Burgundy suit?

Choosing a tie can be a daunting affair. Especially when you’re experimenting with a new colour - here’s a few combinations you could wear together. As you can see in the example above, our mannequin has a tie which matches almost exactly with the lapels of the Burgundy tuxedo. This fantastic combination works great, because it’s checked or dotted. Here’s a list of other key burgundy suit colour combinations for you to try out at your next formal event: 

  • Navy blue
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Golden
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Check or dotted shades

Can you wear a dark maroon/burgundy suit to a wedding?

Burgundy is better than black for a wedding for sure. If it’s a summer wedding, in the daytime, you might be better off with a lighter colour (although burgundy still works) if it’s a nighttime wedding or during the winter in general, burgundy is a perfect colour. 

Burgundy Mens Short Sleeve Button Up Shirts


Should I wear a burgundy suit or tuxedo to my prom?

This very much depends on you. If you’re feeling brave and want to stand out - you can definitely wear something burgundy to your prom. However, this definitely isn’t a safe choice and you should therefore be careful. If you’re a nervous person, then we would suggest that you stick to one of the five normal suit colours.

But, if you’re someone who likes a bit of spice, then you can definitely wear a burgundy suit. 

Just make sure the rest of your outfit is in symbiosis with your suit - because if not - you may end up looking foolish.

We would always recommend a white shirt, as a white shirt is the best colour shirt to go with a burgundy suit or tuxedo. Sartorio Napoli has a fantastic range of white dress shirts which will go perfectly with your new suit.

What does a burgundy scarf go with?

Another great addition to this outfit is a luxury burgundy cashmere scarf .

This would make a great gift for a man who already has everything. A burgundy cashmere scarf is a perfect addition to an already almost-complete outfit - by adding just a tiny bit of polish and class.   

Burgundy dress shoes and their versatility

Burgundy is considered to be one of the most versatile colours. This is particularly true when it comes to dress shoes. Another popular, brown, for example, cannot be worth with black, and brown is often a difficult shade to make work with darker outfits. When shoes are the lightest colour in an outfit, you have a problem, and therefore burgundy is a great dress shoe choice for a wedding, or any other formal occasion.

Mens Premium Leather Dress Shoes

These Burgundy leather shoes  are a fantastic example of how you can branch into other colours. Brown and black are not the only options!!! Experiment, pick yourself up a beautiful pair of sartorial dress shoes - and break the rules a little bit. 

What colour suit can you wear with a burgundy shirt?

A great combination is a cotton burgundy shirt  with a Black suit. This is a refined look, and can be worn in casual situations without a tie. 

The reason I stated this is a refined look is that it only goes with a very specific colour palette, mainly black.

If you’re wanting to wear a burgundy shirt, we definitely recommend wearing a black suit, a black tie (or no tie) and black shoes. The burgundy shirt will do all of the talking for you.

This would be great for a formal event where you want to make a splash - but want to stand out to people who recognize your style - and not to everyone (compared to wearing a bright orange suit for example).

This is a great example of a black suit that will go perfectly with a burgundy shirt like the one above. It’s created by Kired in collaboration with IsuiT. 

This is definitely a suit you can wear without a tie - as it’s a modern suit, with a modern cut and also with modern fabrics. It’s also packable, and can easily fit into a suitcase without a suit cover. 

What to wear with a burgundy sweater

The final pieces of burgundy clothing we’re going to talk about are sweaters. A common question is what can you wear alongside a luxury sweater - but as usual the great thing about burgundy is its versatility.

You can either wear it as part of a formal outfit, in place of wearing a tie is a great idea, or you can wear it with a less formal style - perfect for business casual or even full casual for example. 

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