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Moisture Wicking Dress Shirts - Men's Designer Dress Shirts

Moisture Wicking Designer Dress Shirts

Moisture Wicking Dress Shirts

Moisture Wicking Dress Shirts are the new hot thing. This new conception of a dress shirt is made from an innovative fabric veritably analogous to Nike fabrics. There are numerous unique benefits to this conception. Let’s briefly discuss why we created these shirts.

Moisture Wicking Dress Shirts Characteristics

Warm & Cool:

The process of knitting creates pockets of air within the material making it acclimatize to the terrain. When it's cold outdoors, the pockets of air act as sequestration by enmeshing heat coming to the body lending fresh warmth. When it's warm outdoors, the fabric won't absorb your sweat, thus it won’t stick to your body as the wind passes through the air holes keeping the fabric dry as well as nice and cool.

Quick Dry Technology:

Bi-component accoutrements composed of anon-absorbent material on the inside and spongy material on the outside. The spongy material on the outside draws the humidity down from the skin while the non-absorbent material keeps the skin dry. This Innovation in synthetic fabrics doesn't absorb water as fluently as cotton, and repels small water motes, which will keep the fabric dry, or allows it to come dry veritably snappily.

Breathable Fabric & Less Body Odor:

Dress Shirt for men

The looping of the process of the fiber figure numerous micro-spaces inside the yarn enabling the air to pass through both ways, making the fabric more permeable. This will allow the fabric to dry and dematerialize sweat veritably snappily and help clothes from sticking to the body.


Knit fabrics are more elastic than woven allowing them to be more flattering to the mortal body. Woven fabrics can only stretch in one direction parallel to the weave, as knit can stretch in any direction due to the aches being in circles and bending in any direction without stressing the knit material.


Full of air and approximately bounded together, knitted fabrics are important lighter than woven. The yarn is spiraled together using much lower yarn to produce the fabric.


The hi- tech fabrics are made of performance synthetic filaments making them wrinkle-free and super easy to watch for. They don't need to be dry gutted and can be fluently washed and dried without any loss at all.

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