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Men’s Tie Guide: Types of Ties, How to Tie Them and When to Wear Them

In the ultra modern American workforce, dressed-down work surroundings are getting more common place. One 2016 check revealed that 47 of elderly directors said their workers dressed “ too casually ”( and that lack of formality frequently starts at the top).

But indeed though dressing up may not be a diurnal circumstance for some, utmost men will have plenitude of occasions when it's a necessity. And for men, looking your most professional will nearly always involve beating off your ensemble with a necktie.
It's pivotal that you have a high position of in- tie- lligence so that you know your ascot from your Windsor knot. However, then we explain some of the most common kinds of men’s ties, how to tie each tie variety, If you need a quick manual for reference.

The Four- in- Hand Knot Tie

Four-in-Hand Knot Tie

This is likely the kind of necktie( and knot) that’s most familiar to you. It’s applicable to wear with all kinds of dress shirts for men and is considered to be the “ standard. ” In fact, it’s presumably the first knot you learned to tie( and you might not have swerved from it ago). Fortunately, it’s applicable for both business and pleasure, pairing well with men’s professional vesture with ease.

Knot Tie

The Skinny Tie

Skinny Tie

The skinny necktie came into fashion during the 1960s and has remained a symbol of voguish ness ever ago. While they ’re generally respectable in an office terrain, they ’ll look particularly sharp when paired with your finest men’s dress shirts for a night out. You can indeed wear them with jeans! Just be apprehensive that they generally look stylish on men with a slim figure and with an edgier style.

The Bowtie


Still, a bowtie might just fit the bill, If you’re seeking commodity both fun and formal. They look inversely fantastic paired with a formal tux jacket as they do with a suit. They can be worn with men’s business vesture, but it takes a certain quantum of finesse( and a killer ensemble) to really pull it off. They’re a fantastic choice for blend parties, marriages, and for any time you want to dress with some quirky faculty.

How to Tie A Bowtie

The Cravat


The cravat is actually the original tie from which all others evolved. The cravat is a looser neckwear style that, to the ultramodern eye, looks like a mongrel between a tie and a silk scarf. You could wear one with your finest men’s dress shirts on veritably formal occasions( if you ’re daring, that is). But you’re more likely to see it as part of a costume in a period film than you're at a black tie event in real life.

The Ascot


The ascot is just one type of cravat, but the two terms are frequently used interchangeably. So what's the difference between an ascot and a cravat? The main difference between and ascot and a cravat is the placement an ascot is placed under the collar while a cravat is placed over the collar. The ascot is also considered to be more informal.

How to Tie a Ascot


There are innumerous ways to tie a tie that can give indeed more character to these introductory types. And of course, the color, pattern, and material can make all the difference in how well your finest men’s dress shirts, pants, and suit jackets all work cohesively with your choice in tie. No matter your tie preference, your menswear needs to be well- acclimatized to your figure and your particular style. 

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